Photography & Digital Retouch



Photographs can attract attention and with its powerful language speak directly to our emotions.

We believe, that photographers are artists, therefore must have an understanding of artistic theory including concepts on composition,
lighting, colour and balance. We offer a wide range of photographic services to suit your needs.

Please take a look at our Photo Gallery to see some of our projects.

Poster design for “Sojourn” film by Paddy Slattery


Besides our professional photography services, we are also offering high-end commercial level image retouching services which will satisfy the most demanding photographers and art directors.

Photo Retouching has become a trendy image editing service in this digital world.

If you find any defect or want to reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles, remove glasses glare, even remove some stray hairs this is a way to go.

Please take a look at our recent Professional Digital Retouch projects.